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SingleAndParents is a leading single parent dating site on the web, if you are a single father looking for another single parent, look no further. We are commited to providing a quality dating service for all of our members.

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Single Fathers Are Great Relationship Material

Women often complain about men being chauvinistic and close minded, and this doesn't necessarily change right when they become fathers, but when entering into fatherhood (as with any new stage of life) it forces them to understand life from a new perspective. Many men, upon becoming fathers, learn (possibly for the first time) how to empathize and understand the feelings of others. This helps so much for dating because men know better how to understand their date or future partner. In a way dads are the ideal type of man that most women wish they could date - albeit, with one extra dependent.

Another positive quality you'll find in dating a single dad is that you'll already know how they are as a parent which is a huge issue in normal dating life. You won't have to wonder what he will teach his kids or how he will treat them, the evidence is right in front of you. So if you want to meet single dads then there are thousands on our site looking to meet someone new, create an account and start chatting.

Single Dads And Their Kids

Dating for single dads isn't the same as other types of dating, it might take him a while before he introduces you to his child. It's not easy on kids to have people walking in and out of their lives. It's often more difficult for the parents - watching kids become attached to a new partner when they're not sure if it will last long term. He might feel that he's not being responsible in protecting his child's feelings if he's not certain that you're going to stay. So don't be offended if it takes him a while to introduce you to his child, this just shows that he's a responsible adult.

Once you are introduced however, this should be seen as quite a privilege and as a trusting gesture. It's easy to show your affection to single dads after this stage, by braiding his daughter's hair or talking to his son, all care you show his family will be very welcomed by him.

Be Honest With Yourself About Dating A Single Parent

If you really like someone and feel that you work as a couple but dislike the fact that he has children, then (it's obviously hard but) try to step back from your feelings and think about your situation realistically. It's not suited to work out if you can't accept the life which he needs to put a priority towards. His children are going to come first and let's be honest, you wouldn't want it the other way around. It's important to try not to trap yourself in a situation which is structured to end badly - realizing the reality of the situation will help you, your name won't be on every page of his event calendar, he'll need to split his time between tasks which don't always involve you, but that's not to say there's no room for fun, as they say 'the more the merrier!'